Skin Analysis

To develop a deeper understanding of your skin Petra uses the Observ 520 only used by the advanced practitioner.
By using the Observ520 Petra and the client can see progress and results throughout the course of treatments by taking new photos on a regular bases.

The observ520 uses 5 different light mode icons:

  • Daylight mode allows Petra to observe your skin under controlled daylight conditions.
  • True UV Light: Through the different fluorescence behaviours of skin cells and secretions, hard to see or similarly skin conditions become distinguishable.
  • Wood’s: Using the intensity dial the Wood’s light spectrum can be adjusted and provides an extra diagnostic dimension.
  • Cross-polarized: In the cross-polarized mode the surface glare of the skin is suppressed and provides a direct view inside the skin revealing vascular or pigmentation disorders.
  • Parallel-polarized: The parallel-polarized mode enhances the visibility of the skin’s surface textures such as the skin’s microrelief, fine lines and wrinkle formations.